Smart Travel Guide Solution

Create virtual tours for your destination, connect customers with your partners!

Our smart guide is a customizable application for both Android and IOS. It gives you the possibility to create virtual tours that your visitors can use at their own time and pace. They can use discount codes at available places. It is even possible to use Augmented reality will engage your visitors with a destination in a completely different way.



Keep up with the technology, while saving money and time.

With an already developed app, you get a solution that can help you get more customers, with less effort. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we experienced the rise and importance of technology. Be an active participant and provide the best experience for your visitors in terms of the virtual experience of the destination. 

Bring the best story of your destination.

Provide a unique story of your destination, get them off the beaten path, create long lasting memories. Our solution will be your companion in delivering the best experience for your customers. With great map navigation, responsive and modern user experience, your customers will have a feeling a real person is guiding them through the destination!

Connect partners and your customers and earn additional revenue.

The possibility of offering discount codes will engage customers with local businesses, which will attract customers. Customers will value the benefit of the discount, while at the same time will have a place where they trust that the best service will be provided for them. This will allow a long-lasting partnership between you and your partners too! 

Useful analytics.

Comprehend your customers in a way that was not possible before. With GDPR complaint data you will be able to improve service provided to your customers and cut costs where they need to be done. With this feature, you will be able to bring exactly what your customers need.

Customizable according to the needs and wishes of you and your customers.

Lots of hikers in Your area? No problem, you can adapt the tour to the needs of any market segment you want to cover. Is it difficult to generate revenue from individual guests? With the smart guide, you can engage solo segment of travelers. There are many small segments that our solution can help you cover. Smart guide will work for You!

Do not let Covid-19 be an obstacle.

With the current situation, customers want safe options while traveling. Provide them with the product that will ensure their safety. Even after the Covid-19 pandemic, there could be limitations for travelers. Our solution provides the best way of experiencing the destination while keeping the travelers in low contact with people. A less stressful way of traveling is what customers need right now.


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