Smart Travel Guide Solution

Create virtual tours for your destination, connect customers with your partners!

How can the smart guide application create new revenue streams for my business?

Usually, if a guest asked you to organise a tour just for them it would take up a lot of your time and it would be expensive for the guest. Now you can sell the smart guide application instead. 

Easier for you, cheaper for your guest.

Next, the smart guide application offers your guests discounts in selected restaurants, shops and other places of interest with whom you have concluded cooperation agreements with.

These special offers are a great incentive for guests to buy your application and bring you an additional income from the owners of the facilities because you brought paying guests to their establishment. They don’t even have to go on a tour!

The application monitors the guest’s movement and makes it clear your application brought the guest to the bar or restaurant.

The other advantage to the smart guide application is that your guests no longer have to be part of a large group.

In these times where physical distance is still important, guests can follow your tour by themselves and contact with others is much reduced.  This offers peace of mind and security for both guests and the tourism industry.

Tourists trying to stay away from crowds will love what the application has to offer.

Don’t I need to be registered to offer tours? 

The smart guide application means you do not have to register as a travel agency in the Republic of Croatia.  Because it is an IT service that crosses borders you can do business using our app from some other country without having to pay various local taxes in Croatia.. 




Why should you choose our smart guide application to level up your business?

Here’s why our application is different and makes commercial sense for your business: 

  • With our application, you can incorporate discounts giving guests a strong incentive to buy the tour, even if they don’t want to go on one.
  • You can add special offers to the application to upsell your services
  • Because our smart guide application uses augmented reality your guests will be getting a personalized tour that offers additional information and a more entertaining experience with character animations.
  • Using Google Street View, guests can explore stopping points on their tour before they set off.
  • You can get free marketing by incentivizing your business partners to advertise the application on their social networks and give them a cut of the sales.  Passive income for them, more revenue for you.

Get It Done With Us

We offer two models for integrating our technology into your business


The Distribution Model

You can distribute our application, content and brand through your channels and we will pay you a commission for every sale that comes through your channel.

White Label Franchise

If you love our technology and want to sell it under your own agency/hotel brand you can do that.With our white label franchise, you can rent our software and brand it with the name of your choice whether that’s your company or the area you work in.

Ready to level up?

If you’re interested in harnessing this technology to create new revenue streams for your business we would be happy to give you a more detailed presentation and show you what our smart guide application can do for you.  Get in touch with us now and level up your business!